Wisdom and Insight

Deep Work

October 11, 2017

The other day I decided to note how often I reach for my phone, read emails, check texts, or scroll through social feeds. I counted 56 times in one day! I had to stop in my tracks when I looked at my total and wonder, “How is this impacting my focus and productivity? Am I […]

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The 5 Most Meaningful Benefits of Coaching

September 5, 2017

There are really many different styles of coaching and coaching relationships. Some target specific actions like training for a marathon, writing a book, how to develop your business, and many more wonderful topics that cover the human experience. The kind of coaching that I’m talking about has to do with realizing your potential no matter […]

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No Place Like Home

August 16, 2017

My clients have a variety of different backgrounds; lawyers, partners in firms, philanthropists, financial managers, advertisers, actors, writers, entrepreneurs, and more. My market niche, as they say, is not a particular profession. Instead, they are people who are wanting to show up the best they can in whatever they choose to apply themselves in whether […]

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Are You Being Mindless?

July 18, 2017

One common factor for all my new clients who are confused by their situation is… they are not present most of the time. They either live heavily in the past or neurotically in the future. When you are not present (attention in the life occurring now), the consequences can be severe (think airlines have checklists […]

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Why Travel is Good for You

May 31, 2017

I love my routines. I like to make sure I am doing good things for my mind, body and soul. And then there comes a time when my mind, body and soul says, “Hey, let’s shake things up a bit!” (I have a cheeky side and she’s usually quite fun!) When she strikes, I like […]

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4 Brain Mechanics to Get You What You Want

May 17, 2017

Even though your brain is very powerful, in fact, it’s the next most powerful thing next to Nature, there are some simple facts about how the brain works that can help you master and create the experiences you want to have in life, whether it be in your career, relationships, contributions or health. Your brain: […]

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Managing Emotions and Work Success

April 18, 2017

You might wonder what managing your emotions has to do with performing well or creating success in your life. I’m reminded of this most recently when I asked a client if he felt his emotions impacted his work. His answer was *laughing, “No! What matters is how I turn my client’s vision for wealth into […]

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What is my Emotional Quotient?

March 15, 2017

What is your Emotional Quotient? It’s your capacity to see how your actions and words affect others. It is also the way you respond to the needs and emotions of others. I love this question because I see so many clients who are highly intelligent and have great ideas but struggle in influencing, collaborating or […]

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5 Ways Sadness is Good for You

February 28, 2017

The other day a client came to me and presented with, “I feel sad lately and I don’t know what to do about it.” She further explained that when it comes to sadness she feels uncomfortable and she thinks, “I don’t like this feeling which triggers a whole cascade of, ‘I don’t want to feel […]

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7 Habits to Cultivate Peace

January 31, 2017

Over the last little while, I’ve been jotting down ideas and thoughts about how to have a peace consciousness. Today I thought I would share these thoughts. But instead of a conversation, I’ve framed my ideas into habits so you can begin to develop your own. Habit #1 – Be Calm and Centered At your […]

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