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Ask Ellie Q & A How To Help a Friend in Crisis

June 19, 2011

Question: How do you help a friend when she’s in crisis and you can see the decisions she’s making are not good? Answer: I appreciate the opportunity to address this question because so many of you have asked this exact question whether it be about a friend or a family member. So here is what […]

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Ask Ellie Q & A Stay Sane in a Crysis

June 7, 2011

Question: Hi Ellie. I love the new series of Q&A! Even though we worked together 6 months ago, I feel like I have another link to you and how you think. So here is my question: What can we do to keep sane when it seems like everything around us is in crisis? Answer: Thanks […]

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Ask Ellie Q & A Get unattached to triggers

May 22, 2011

Question: How will I ever get unattached to triggers and live the life I was meant to live – peace, joy, calm, laughter and in good health? Answer: Great question! And the answer is right there. The way to let go of triggers (past imprints that we react to instead of respond) is to PRACTICE […]

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Ask Ellie Q & A Relationships after Transformation

May 10, 2011

Question “The transformation that happened within me after our work together this past January has been life changing for me. With that change came the realization that one of my dearest relationships doesn’t seem to be as meaningful to me. Surprisingly, it has not affected me as much as I would have expected it to… […]

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